girltrash: all night long + quotes


Dianna Agron attends as AlunaGeorge performs live in W Hotel, San Francisco

  • while eating food: hell yassss ne regrats i feel alive nobody can stop me now
  • the aftermath: shit im so fat why did i have to do that why can't just fucking say no god what's wrong with me, etc.



is that twilight

yes. yes it is.


Evelyne Brochu stopped by the Clone Club Linecon at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema to hand out Helena snacks & meet OB fans before the premiere fan screening tonight at 7pm ET.

P.S. There’s still time to join the line and attend the screening tonight. Full details are here:


I called her gorgeous and she called me gorgeous and I introduced myself and she said enchantee and GAVE ME JELLO and a muffin I’m dying

Liam at Funky Buddha all white party (4/16/14)